Welcome to IEOR at IIT Bombay

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) at IIT Bombay offers research based M.Tech., Ph.D. and M.Sc.-Ph.D. dual degree programmes, and is actively involved in research (including sponsored projects), consulting and continuing education. The discipline offers a blend of theory, modelling and application, drawing from traditional as well as modern areas of operations research, together with a systems view derived from long-standing principles of industrial engineering. This approach provides a backdrop for technically sound decisions at operational and tactical levels and occasionally at the strategic level, for a variety of organizations.

Established as one of the first interdisciplinary programmes in IIT Bombay, IEOR contributes significantly to achieve the goals of IIT through various activities such as offering academic programmes, conducting continuing education programmes (CEP), carrying out research projects of different types.

The IEOR programme also has steady interaction with a wide spectrum of industries and sectors of the economy and society through participation in conferences, hosting visitors from academia and industries, carrying out sponsored projects and placement of students in different sectors etc.

IEOR graduates work in a variety of research labs and industries, including: manufacturing, communications, transportation, banking, pharmaceuticals, finance, travel, semiconductor, e-business, sports, health, and information technology.