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Any installation of Linux requires patience and some logical thinking. DuckDuckGo is the best way to find help. Generally the problem you come across has been seen before by someone else and the solution already exists.

Linux How to

Here are some HOWTOs and configuration files. Email me for any suggestions and corrections.


GNU-LINUX is an operating system for a wide variety of computer platforms and other hardware like PDA's, smart phones etc. People even run their X-Box and i-pod with it. Im waiting for the day when it starts running my car and my toaster and starts doing my laundry.

What Linux is not


GNU-LINUX is a free operating system. Free as in free-beer and free as in free-fall. Its pretty cool. It can do a lot of things but still has a long way to go [I am not satisfied until it starts doing my laundry].

Whats so great about it

The greatest thing about it is the freedom. Most of us do not care of what makes up the operating system, but a lot of people do. Linux gives freedom to tweak your system and do what you expect it to do.

Who should use Linux

Everyone with a soul and with a little time to spare. I believe everyone except this cat qualifies.

Which distribution to use

Debian ofcourse.

The best way to chose, is to ask someone to do it for you. Ask a friend of yours to install linux in your machine. However, its more enlightening to do it yourself. If you know a little bit about how computers work, Debian is the best distribution of GNU-Linux. It has very good tools for updating, adding and removing software. However, if you have absolutely no idea of how a computer works, you should try Ubuntu.

last modified on september 13, 2008.