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  1. MINOTAUR: A solver toolkit for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems (MINLP). It consists of several solvers for MINLP and offers a general framework for developing new algorithms

  2. FOSSEE Optimization Toolbox: A scilab toolbox that provides interfaces to several open-source optimization solvers.

  3. SYMPHONY: A solver for mixed-integer linear optimization problems.

  4. pprof.py is a script written in python for generating performance profiles. These profiles can be used to compare performance of different solvers, in particular those used for optimization. It was originally written by Michael Friedlander and has been slightly modified. The original script is available here. Some more information is available here. The script depends on python modules Gnuplot.py and Numpy. An older version of the script for python-2.5 is available here.

last modified on August 19, 2010