Submission of Papers for Publication

Special Issue in ORSI2018: All ORSI2018 conference presenters are invited to submit a full paper for consideration in the special issue of OPSEARCH, Springer Publishers. Papers will be accepted up to 10th March 2019.
  1. Visit the Opsearch Submission Portal and login to submit your manuscript. You may have to create new account if you do not already have one. After logging in, you may click on 'Submit a New Manuscript'.
  2. Under the 'Additional Information', select "Special Issue for OPSEARCH in 2019"
  3. Under 'Comments', mention, "ORSI2018 conference paper ID #xxx for special issue" (Where xxx is your original paper ID at ORSI-2018 Conference)
  4. Make sure your manuscript must adhere to OPSEARCH Instructions for Authors.
  5. The manuscripts should be limited to 6000 words, including tables, figures, and references.
We aim to get the first round of reviews done quickly, by end of April 2019. In the coming weeks and months, we plan to send papers out for review on a rolling basis, from now through March 10. Those papers which are found to require major revisions may not be considered for the special issue.

Submissions for Presentations (Deadline over)

Submissions are invited in the form of papers on theory, methods, techniques, applications and/or the practice of Operations Research.

Important Dates