IEOR offers a Ph.D. degree in 'Industrial Engineering and Operations Research' (for students with M.Tech./ B.Tech./ B.E./ M.Sc. entering degree ) and a Ph.D. degree in 'Operations Research' as a part of a dual degree M.Sc-Ph.D, programme. Graduates of the Ph.D. programme demonstrate their ability to make original and significant contributions in the field of IEOR through their dissertation work.

The academic programme leading to the Ph.D. degree involves course-credit requirements and research work. Students need to do a credit seminar and a set of courses, as recommended by the students' faculty advisor, in the first semester that they join. The students must also do a Communication Skills course within the first two semesters. Students need to maintain minimum of 6 CPI in their course work for continuing their Ph.D. programme. After this, subject to satisfactory performance, their registration is confirmed. The students then begin their dissertation work. Candidates applying without a Master's degree in the field of IEOR can expect to do a year's course work before beginning their dissertation work.

All Ph.D. students in IEOR (joined on or after June 2008) are required to clear a Qualifying Examination, as part of their degree requirements. Click here for more details.

A research progress committee is then formed for each student. The committee monitors the regular progress of the student through a seminar presented every 6 to 12 months. Finally, the candidate submits to the Institute a Thesis which will be judged by a panel of experts (both from IIT-B and outside) for "its contribution to advancement of knowledge."

Periodic dissemination of their findings in conferences, academic journals and factoring in the feedback of peer community is encouraged. Placement after completion of the programme is strongly influenced by this activity.

Students with institute scholarship will be supported for 4 years. For all categories of students, the duration of the Ph.D. programme normally should not exceed 5 years.

Further information regarding the rules and regulations of the Ph.D. Programme is available on the IITB academics page.