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Ph.D. Qualifiers

The IEOR Ph.D. Qualifier scheme consists of (i) Grade requirement and (ii) Comprehensive exam, as given below. The grade requirement and comprehensive exam are independent requirements.

The PhD Qualifier Scheme is applicable for all PhDs admitted from 2021-22 onwards, and M.Sc.-Ph.Ds admitted from 2020-21 onwards (The Qualifier scheme for 2020 Ph.D. batch & earlier can be found here).

The PhD Qualifier is applicable for students of all categories such as TA/FA/RA/QIP/ External/ Foreign/ etc; and also to IITB-Monash students, M.Tech.+Ph.D. students, etc.


Grade requirements for Ph.D confirmation

For PhD students, 2021 batch onwards: The students need to maintain a CPI of at least 7.00 at any time during the course of their Ph.D. to continue the Ph.D. This will include all the prescribed coursework, including Seminar.

Students may be given one chance to take additional courses in subsequent semesters to clear this requirement, if applicable.

For MSc-PhD dual degree 2020 batch onwards: Students need to maintain a minimum CPI of 7.0 at the end of Semester 3 and all subsequent semesters to continue for Ph.D.

Comprehensive Exam for Ph.D confirmation (2021 Ph.D. and 2020 M.Sc.-Ph.D. batches onwards)

All students have to clear the comprehensive exam to qualify for Ph.D.

The comprehensive exam topics: The exam is (SINGLE PAPER) based on subjects of Optimization (Convex and Non-convex), Probability & Stochastic Processes, and Modelling. A detailed list of topics will be announced to students sufficiently well in advance and displayed in IEOR website, after due approval by IDPC/DPGC.

The exam will typically be conducted twice a year, preferably on the second Saturday of January and July. The results of the exam will be announced by the last Friday of the same month. The actual date will be announced to the students sufficiently well in advance.

The exam will typically be a 3-4 hour written exam. However, the exact exam mode will be announced to the students sufficiently well in advance. An older question paper is available here.

Exam attempts: Students get an opportunity to attempt twice. However, all the students have to qualify within one year of joining, or 1.5 years in case of students with BTech/MSc background (including both attempts if required). Under no circumstances, a student to be allowed to go beyond the first year to complete this requirement.

M.Sc.-Ph.D. students to complete exam latest by the end of their 5th semester.