N. Hemachandra (Convenor) nh[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Methodologies like Markov decision models, Queueing models, Game theory, etc.  Communication networks, Supply chains, Financial Engineering, Logistics and Power systems

P.G. Awate (Emeritus Fellow) awatepg[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Scheduling, Inventory Management, Neural Networks, Knowledge-based Systems  

Manjesh Hanawal mhanawal[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests- Communication Networks, Machine Learning, and Network Economics.

Veeraruna Kavitha vkavitha[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Stochastic processes, Performance Analysis, Queuing Theory, Polling systems, Optimal control, Game theory, Stochastic approximation,  Wireless communications

Ashutosh Mahajan amahajan[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Applications, Theory, Algorithms and Software for Optimization.

Vishnu Narayanan vishnu[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Integer Programming, Convex Optimization, and Polyhedral Theory

Narayan Rangaraj narayan.rangaraj [AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Optimization and Operations Research, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Railway Operations, Transportation

K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao mallik.rao[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Game theory, Stochastic Control, Probability, Partial Differential Equations, Viscosity Solutions

Jayendran Venkateswaran jayendran[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Modeling & Distributed Simulation (Discrete-event, System Dynamics), Integrated Supply Chain Analysis  


Associated Faculty (Teaching & Research)

A. Subash Babu subash[AT]iitb.ac.in
Research Interests - Manufacturing Systems, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship.