Faculty Positions

Applications invited for Faculty Position  

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) at IIT Bombay invites applications for faculty position at the level of Assistant Professor. 

We are specifically looking for candidates with a proven background in the following areas with relevance to IEOR:

  • Linear and nonlinear optimization including interior point methods, conic and semi-definite programming and recent techniques for integer programming.
  • Game theory, including stochastic and dynamic games. Algorithmic aspects of game theory.
  • Network and discrete optimization and related areas such as graph theory and combinatorics.
  • Statistical inference with emphasis on inference from processes.
  • Econometrics, microeconomics and related areas of mathematical economics.
  • Stochastic models: continuous time stochastic processes; contemporary areas such as dependent processes, stochastic orders, rare events, large deviations and extreme value theory.
  • Simulation methodology, stochastic approximations, and stochastic control.

Candidates with strong work in contemporary techniques in Operations Research, as well as focused work in application of quantitative techniques to domains such as Finance, Manufacturing systems, Service systems, Pricing and Revenue Management, Risk Analysis, Logistics, Transportation systems and Infrastructure are also encouraged to apply. In addition, candidates with an excellent record and published work in other areas of IEOR would also be considered.

Job Profile: IEOR faculty members are primarily expected to create and maintain a strong research programme. In addition, they are also expected to teach and develop Masters and Doctoral level courses, supervise Masters and Doctoral students, and contribute to the academic and intellectual environment of the department. IEOR faculty members can expect full support from the department and the institute in taking their academic activities to the next level.

Application Procedure: Interested candidates are required to provide the following material in order to receive full consideration:

  • Complete curriculum vitae,
  • Research and teaching statements,
  • Copies of a few key publications, and
  • A list of at least three references.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to visit the department for a day and give a seminar based on their research activities. 

Candidates can send the above material via email to head.ieor[AT]iitb.ac.in, or by post to Convenor, IEOR Interdisciplinary programme, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076, India. Applications can be sent in throughout the year; there is no application deadline.