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Current Students

Devanand (Ph.D.), Anurag Ladage (Ph.D.), Mustafa Vora (Ph.D.), Simran Lakhani (Ph.D.), Ankit Kumar (M.Tech.), Hari Narayan (M.Tech.), Harshit Yadav (M.Tech.) are working with me on various topics.

Students advised in the past

Ph.D. Thesis
  1. Prashant Palkar, Shared-Memory Parallel Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization, 2021.
  2. Meenarli Sharma, Advances in Algorithms for Convex Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization, 2021.
  3. Hamidur Rahman, Algorithms and Relaxations for Optimization over Bilinear Covering Sets, 2019.
M.Tech. Thesis
  1. Ashish Pandit, Allocation and routing for first and last mile operations, 2022
  2. Ankita Prasad, Optimization models for practical Assembly Line Balancing, 2022
  3. Mohammed Sikander Khan, Optimisation of First and Last Mile Pickup and Delivery having dynamic nature of order arrivals, 2022
  4. Arvind Kumar, Global Optimization of Water Networks, 2022
  5. Kanishka Sunnick, Global Optimization of Water-pipe Networks, 2022
  6. Rahul Khankar, Routing of Bus Fleets, 2021
  7. Luther Immanuel, Operations Research in Managing Hospital Beds, 2021
  8. Mayur Zadbuke, Optimal Truck Routing and Scheduling of Shipments for Line Haul in a Delivery Network, 2020
  9. Vinay Chourasia, Enhancing the Performance of a Convex Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Solver, 2019
  10. Sudhindra Katre, Performance Variability in Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization, 2019
  11. Hitesha Nemade (sponsored), Discrete Event Simulation for Modeling and Optimizing Paint Shop Operations, 2019
  12. Vickee Rathe, Recent Developments in Metaheuristics for Vehicle Routing Problem, 2019
  13. Sharad Agrawal, Approximation Algorithm for Temporal Bin Packing Problem, 2018
  14. Hussain Kharodawala, Multi-modal Supply Chain Distribution Problem, 2018
  15. Saket Saurabh, Timetabling for a large university, 2018 (Co-advised by Vishnu Narayanan)
  16. Arun Ramamurthay, Lower Bounds for Cutting Stock Problem and Pattern Minimization Problem, 2018
  17. Akshay Bhave, Comparative study of heuristic methods for alternative graph in railway rescheduling, 2017 (Co-advised by Vishnu Narayanan)
  18. Prakash Gawas, Risk sensitive Markov Decision Process and Linear Programs, 2017 (Co-advised by V Kavitha)
  19. Prateek Dahale, Heuristics for Solving Discrete Optimization Problems, 2016
  20. Rishikesh Kushwaha, Cutting Plane Algorithms: Development and Implementation, 2016
  21. Anirban Nag, Exact Methods for Finding Optimal Schedules of New Trains in a Railway Network, 2016
  22. Raghvendra Omer, Developing a Convex Quadratic Programming Solver with Warm-starting After Bound Changes, 2016
  23. Atreya Kotoky, Minimum Controller substructure for Generic Arbitrary Pole Placement, 2015 (Co-advised by M. Belur)
  24. Shamsher Singh, Deterministic freight train scheduling for a general railway network, 2015
  25. Akash Gupta, Exploring branch-and-bound algorithm, 2014.
  26. Ruchir Santuka, Improved formulations for cutting stock problem with setup times, 2014 (Co-advised by Narayan Rangaraj).
  27. Ashish Shukla, Multileaf collimator sequencing with integer programming, 2014 (Co-advised by Vishnu Narayanan).
  28. B. Suresh, Practical branching techniques for convex mixed-integer nonlinear optimization, 2014.
B.Tech. Thesis
  1. Digvijay Pravin Boob, Nonlinear Optimization: Algorithms and Computation, 2014.

last modified on January 07, 2018