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Network configuration

The instructions for configuring LAN onnections are found here for Windows operating systems and here for other operating systems (the link mentions that instructions are similar to configuration of IITB-Wireless). The details of IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server required for configuration are as follows:

Floor IP Address Switch IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway DNS Server
Ground Floor 10.119.01.XX (Primary) (Secondary)

1st Floor 10.119.11.XX
2nd Floor 10.119.21.XX
3rd Floor 10.119.31.XX

The last group of digits for the IP address would be the same as mentioned on the LAN socket to which the workstation is connected.

The network in IEOR building is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enabled. DHCP configuration can be edited on workstations by visiting here for Windows, here for Linux and here for Mac operating systems.

Some static IP addresses are reserved for special purposes:

Connected Machine IP Address
IP phone in room 104
IP phone in room 105
Passpoli Computational Server
Saki Computational Server
Tunga Computational Server
Kanjur Computational Server
Tirandaz Computational Server
Biometric scanner (Office)
Wifi Linksys HOD room 10.119.11.??
Wifi Linksys Room 104
Wifi TP-Link Room 112
Office Big Printer HP M72630
IP phone in room 206