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B.Tech in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR)

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About B.Tech in IEOR

The B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) at IIT Bombay follows the basic curriculum pattern of all other B.Tech programs in the institute and will allow for options such as honors, minor, conversion to Master's and exit degrees, in addition to the basic degree.  The curriculum includes a mix of complusory courses, labs, departmental electives and open electives, providing maximum flexibilty to the students.  Students can do one or two-stage project (B.Tech project) and other open-ended courses to explore their individual interests.

The graduates of IEOR from IIT Bombay will have a basic, rigorous, scientific engineering education that allows them to take on roles in industry, research, government, and other sectors in a variety of applied disciplines including data analytics, manufacturing, finance, retailing and supply chains, health care, various service sectors.  In addition, the program leads to many interdisciplinary opportunities in mathematical sciences, economics, general management, and technology development.

The first batch will be admitted in June/July 2024.


The course will have a mix of classroom instruction, practical work, exposure to industry and other sectors, project work, and independent work by students.  Instruction will be supported by teaching assistants and other resource persons.  Evaluation will be through regular exams, assignments, project work presentations, and group work.

L = Lectures, T = Tutorials, P = Practical, C = Credits
Numbers refer to hours per week (contact hours per week for L, T, and P and Total = cumulative hours expected to be spent on the course per week)

HASMED refers to elective courses in the areas of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Management, Entrepreneurship and Design

STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

IE101Introduction to IE and OR (DIC-1)3006IE102Probability and Statistics3006
MA105Calculus3108MA110Linear Algebra &
Differential Equations
BB101Biology3006CS101Computer Programming & Utilization2026
MS101Makerspace   8 HASMED (2 half)   8
CH117Chemistry Lab0003PH117Physics Lab0033
 Gender Sensitisation          
 TOTAL   31 TOTAL   31
EC101Economics3006 Design Thinking -   6
IE209Linear Optimization and Network Flows3006IE208Nonlinear and Discrete Optimization3006
IE207Industrial Systems3006IE210Optimization Modeling Lab0033
IE205Industrial Engineering Lab0033IE206Introduction to AI/ML3006
IE203Data Structures and Algorithms3006IE201Data Analytics, AI/ML Lab0033
IE211Programming & Computing Lab0033IE204Feedbacks and Dynamics3006
ES/HS250Environmental Studies3006IE202Digital Enterprise Systems Lab0033
 TOTAL   36 TOTAL   33
IE301Operations Analysis3006IE302Logistics and Supply Chains3006
IE303Simulation3006IE304Risk and Uncertainty3006
IE307Stochastic Processes & Queueing Systems3006 Department Elective 1   6
IE305Simulation Lab0033 STEM Elective 1   6
 HASMED Elective 1   6 HASMED Elective 2   6
 Flexible Elective 1   6      
 TOTAL   33 TOTAL   30
 (Honors Elective 1)   6 Honors Elective 2   6
 BTech Project - 1 or Dept Elective   6 BTech Project - 2 or two Dept Electives   12
 Department Elective 2   6 Department Elective 3   6
 Flexible Elective 2   6 Flexible Elective 4   6
 Flexible Elective 3   6 Flexible Elective 5   6
 STEM Elective 2   6      
 TOTAL   30 TOTAL   30
 Honors Elective 3   6 Honors Elective 4   6