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IEOR Alumnus Endowment Awards

Multiple awards have been created through a generous endowment by IEOR alumnus Mr. Nivesh Kumar in 2021. Students, and faculty of IEOR are eligible and encouraged to apply for the awards. These awards are to help further the academic activities of IEOR and recognise and nurture excellence. These 9 awards will be disbursed annually.  

Visit the page (needs IITB login) to see the eligibility criteria, application process, current call-for, deadlines, and the Application form.

List of Awards

  • Student Travel Award (up to 3 per year) for students to present at conferences/ attend workshops/ summer or winter school/ conduct field studies.
  • Faculty Travel Award (1 per year) for faculty to attend conferences/ workshops/ collaborative research visits/ etc.
  • Research ‘Bridge’ Award (up to 3 per year) to support research work of onroll students and faculty.  Can also be used as top-up or bridge grant for projects work, involving students and/or staff. Funds can be used for manpower, honorarium, consumables, contingencies, equipment, etc.
  • Young Student Researcher Award (up to 3 per year) This is for MTech and MScPhDs who convert/continue in PhD.  This award can be used for professional and academic expenses.
  • IDDDP Research Award (1 per year) To encourage good BTechs to pursue IDDDP in IEOR. Current IEOR IDDDP student can apply at start of their 5th year.
  • Best Teaching Assistant (TA) Award (1 per semester) Awarded at the end of each semester to the best TA in that semester, based on student feedback.
  • Excellence in Doctoral Dissertation (1 per year)  for best doctoral dissertation in IEOR 
  • Best Masters’ Thesis Award (1 per year) for best Masters’ Thesis in IEOR
  • Best UG Research Award (1 per year) for UG students who have done good research work in area of IE and OR, either as part of their course work/ Minor in IEOR or BTP with IEOR faculty