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Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree Programme (IDDDP)

Note: The information available in this website is applicable only for IDDDP students who joined B.Tech during/before 2020.  For students who joined B.Tech during or after 2021, new information will be updated shortly. Please watch this space. 

Admission to IDDDP: The general institute guidelines can for IDDDP be found here

Students typically need to apply for IDDDP in IEOR at end of their 6th semester, via AMS portal (opens with IITB VPN), as per deadlines announced by Academic Office.  Students of any UG programme at IITB can apply for this. Prior IEOR courses done by the applicant, and a well thought out SoP will help the application.  

IDDDP Programme:

For IDDDP in IEOR, typically students will be required to  complete the following requirements:

A minimum of 4 courses + 1 Lab, which includes:

  • IE609 (if IE601 has been done earlier that can be considered)
  • IE621 (if IE611 has been done earlier that can be considered)
  • IE630 (if IE603 has been done earlier that can be considered)
  • 1 IE Elective
  • IE507 or IE684 (Lab Courses)
  • Dual Degree Project

For IDDDP with honors, the student needs to complete 3 additional IE labelled courses.

Note: Each application will be treated separately with some modification based on the student's academic record.