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IE2xx : Industrial Systems


Prerequisites: None


  • This course gives an introduction to the world of manufacturing and other work systems, associated terminologies and activities, various basic models and methods to help understand basic factory operations, and in performance assessment.
  • Principles of Management, Scientific Management, Concepts Introduction: Process of Manufacturing, Typical Performance measures, Terminologies, Basic budgeting principles, including breakeven analysis.
  • Introduction to various Manufacturing technologies, Operations Process Charts and Process Planning, Work methods analysis, Work measurement & improvement, Gantt Charts, 
  • Basic Factory Dynamics, Little's Law, Influence of Variability on factory dynamics, Line Balancing
  • Concepts of Value Stream Mapping, Lean, JIT
  • Flow shops and job shops, Scheduling, Basic material management, Warehousing, Storage & Retrieval, Material handling systems
  • Introduction to Service operations and related decision models
  • Location considerations of facilities (cost, accessibility to users and also to physical resources needed for the facility)
  • Layout and relative location of departments, equipment and human work spaces for the facility to operate effectively.


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