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IE2xx : Industrial Engineering Lab

Prerequisites: None


  • This course gives an introduction to the world of manufacturing and other work systems 
  • Lab sessions will allow students to explore
  • Various Manufacturing technologies, Making products individually vs. assembly line; Manufacturing Flows, Blocking & Bottleneck; 
  • Activity charts and visualizing and quantifying flows of people, material and information; Value Stream Mapping, in industrial and service systems
  • Understanding processes and measurements using Time & Motion Study; 
  • Understand Material Handling Systems, Facility Layouts, Warehousing; Designing queues
  • Factory /Warehouse/ eRetailers Visits may also be included


  • Spearman and Hopp, 2011, Factory Physics, 3rd ed., Waveland Press
  • Goldratt, 2004, Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, 3rd edition, Routledge
  • Niebel, W. B. and Freivalds, A, 2004, Methods, standards, and work design, McGraw Hill. 
  • Introduction to Work Study, International Labor Organization, Third Revised Edition.