Research Scholars



Alok Patel Jayendran V., Tom V. Mathew Real-time adaptive signal control for non-lane following heterogeneous road traffic alokpatel [AT]
Anirban Karmakar K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao Diffusion on networks ani.karmakar[AT]
Anil Bhatia N. Hemachandra --- 114197001 [AT]
Anurag Ladage M. KrishnamoorthyA. Mahajan --- ladageanurag[AT]
Arko Chatterjee K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao Applications of Game Theory on networks arkotito[AT]
Arun Verma Manjesh Kumar Hanawal, N. Hemachandra Online Machine Learning: Theory and Applications v.arun[AT]
Atul Kumar V. KavithaN. Hemachandra Linear programming approach for constrained risk sensitive Markov Decision Processes atul_kumar [AT]
Dev Anand A. MahajanN. Hemachandra Learning strategies for search in optimization problems devanand [AT]
G. Chandra Mouli V. Narayanan Derivative Free Optimization gcmouli [AT]
Hamidur Rahman A. Mahajan Mixed-Integer Bilinear Programming hrahman[AT]
Kiran Chaudhary --- --- 164190002 [AT]
Mandar Keshav Datar K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao --- mandar.k.datar[AT]
M. Venkateswararao K. V. Kavitha Problems related to polling models venky12[AT]
Meenarli Sharma A. Mahajan Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming meenarli [AT]
Mohsin Dalvi Jayendran V. Investigation of new product diffusion in rural areas mohsin.dalvi [AT]
Pradeep Kumar --- --- 164190001 [AT]
Prashant Palkar A. Mahajan Global Optimization,  Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming prashant.palkar [AT]
Puja Sahu N. Hemachandra Adaptive learning with Support Vector Machines puja.sahu [AT]
Ranbir Singh V. Kavitha Branching processes and their applications 13I190010[AT]
Ravi Kant Rai K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao --- ravi.kant [AT]
Sandhya Tripathi N. Hemachandra Loss functions in learning problems sandhya.tripathi [AT]
Sasanka Sekhar Maiti N. Hemachandra --- ssmaiti [AT]
Sathish Kumar L. Jayendran V. Impact of input data uncertainty on output data analysis lsathishkumar [AT]
Shraddha Bhamare

Narayan Rangaraj

Optimization of  intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for cancer treatment [AT]
Shripad Salsingikar Narayan Rangaraj Freight train routing and scheduling shripad.salsingikar [AT]
Siddhartha Paul Jayendran V. Applications of operations research in healthcare management siddhartha.paul [AT]
Tejas Ghorpade Narayan Rangaraj  Fleet Management in Freight Transport trghorpade [AT]
Uday Kumar M --- --- 164197001 [AT]
Umakanta Pattanayak V. Narayanan Geometry of Mixed-Integer Hulls of Convex Sets umakanta [AT]
Utkarsh Verma Narayan Rangaraj Optimization in Healthcare specific to Kidney Exchange utkarshverma [AT]
Vineet Pathak Jayendran V. --- vineetpathak[AT]
Georey john     174190001[AT]
Swapnesh S.     174193001[AT]
Femina Malik     174196001[AT]

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