Research Scholars


Aanchal Panwar K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao Allocation of entry licenses followed by market competition aanchal[AT]
Akash Saha P. Balamurugan Theory and algorithms for kernel-based learning problems akashsaha[AT]
Alok Patel Jayendran V., Tom V. Mathew Real-time adaptive signal control for non-lane following heterogeneous road traffic alokpatel [AT]
Anirban Karmakar K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao Diffusion in networks ani.karmakar[AT]
Anil Bhatia N. Hemachandra --- 114197001 [AT]
Anurag Ladage M. KrishnamoorthyA. Mahajan --- ladageanurag[AT]
Arun Verma Manjesh Kumar Hanawal, N. Hemachandra Bandit Optimization Problems v.arun[AT]
Chhavi Sharma V. Narayanan, P. Balamurugan Distributed Optimization 15i190003[AT]
Dev Anand A. MahajanN. Hemachandra Learning strategies for search in optimization problems devanand [AT]
Dhawal Manish Thakkar P. Balamurugan Optimization and Data Analytics in Operations Management (Airline Industry) 174197001[AT]
Fehmina Malik
Indrajit Saha V.Kavitha Systemic Risk In Large Financial Network indrojit[At]
Kiran Chaudhary V. Kavitha Dynamic Scheduling In Heterogeneous Queuing Systems kiran30[AT]
M. Venkateswararao K. V. Kavitha Optimal Control of Bunching and Serve on Move WLANs in Intelligent
Transportation Systems
Manoj Kumar Narayan  Rangaraj Sequential Decision Making and other models in Health Care Applications 16i190003[AT]
Meenarli Sharma A. Mahajan Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming meenarli [AT]
Prashant Palkar A. Mahajan Global Optimization,  Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming prashant.palkar [AT]
Prashant Trivedi N. Hemachandra Machine Learning, Game Theory trivedi.prashant15[AT]
Puja Sahu N. Hemachandra Adaptive learning with Support Vector Machines puja.sahu [AT]
Ranbir Singh V. Kavitha Branching processes and their applications 13I190010[AT]
Ravi Kant Rai K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao Topics in Combinatorial Game Theory ravi.kant [AT]
Sambit Mohanty

K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao

Sandhya Tripathi N. Hemachandra Loss functions in learning problems sandhya.tripathi [AT]
Sasanka Sekhar Maiti N. Hemachandra Indian Payment Systems - Operations, Empirical Analysis, Policy Assessment and Recommendations ssmaiti [AT]
Shraman Bhaduri V. Narayanan   15i190012[AT]
Shripad Salsingikar Narayan Rangaraj Freight train routing and scheduling shripad.salsingikar [AT]
Shubham Uttam P. Balamurugan   16i190012[AT]
Siddhartha Paul Jayendran V. Applications of operations research in healthcare management siddhartha.paul [AT]
Sitadri Roy Choudhury K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao   15i190010[AT]
Swapnesh S. Narayan Rangaraj

Effective utilization of rolling stock

Tejas Ghorpade Narayan Rangaraj  Fleet Management in Freight Transport trghorpade [AT]
Uday Kumar M V.Kavitha Risk Sensitive Markov Decision Models 164197001 [AT]
Utkarsh Verma Narayan Rangaraj Optimization in Healthcare specific to Kidney Exchange utkarshverma [AT]
Vineet Pathak Jayendran V. --- vineetpathak[AT]
Nimita Shinde     174194001AT]
Vinod Sarjerao Khandkar

Manjesh Kumar Hanawal

Net-neutrality violation detection vinod.khandkar[AT]
Vora Mustafa Makbul     184190001[AT]
Akshay Vilas Upasany     184190002[AT]
Debankan Das     184190003[AT]
Anand Kumar     184194001[AT]
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