N. Hemachandra


Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
IIT Bombay
Mumbai 400076

Office:   Room 205, Second Floor, IEOR Building
Tel: +91 22 2576 7885
Email: nh[AT]iitb.ac.in

Academic Background

B. Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engg.), College of Engineering, Kakinada
M. Tech (Control Systems Engg., EE), IIT Kharagpur
Ph. D. (Dept. of Computer Science and Automation), IISc


My current research interests include:

  • Operations Research methodologies like Machine Learning including Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks, Markov decision models, Queueing models, Game theory, etc.
  • Application areas include Communication networks, Supply chains, Financial Engineering, Logistics and Power systems

Publications / Technical Reports / Talks

Teaching Notes


This semester I am teaching IE 615 Data Analytics for OR and  IE 605 Engineering Statistics, both postgraduate courses.

Some recent teaching: IE 712 Selected applications of stochastic models, IE 615 Data Analytics in OR,  IE 802 Topics in IEOR (topics being kernel methods in machine learning, stochastic approximations, queueing models or Brownian motion),  IE 601 Optimization Techniques,  IE 616 Decision analysis and game theory,, IE718 Networks, Games and Algorithms, IE 708 Markov decision processes, IE 707 Multiplayer decision making models (with Prof. Mallikarjuna Rao), IE 605 Engineering Statistics, IE 614 Linear Sysytems,  IE 611 Introduction to stochastic models, IE 612 Introduction to Financial Engineering


I have developed these courses at IITB:


  • IE 611 - Introduction to Stochastic Models, now IE 622 Probability and Stochastic Processes II,
  • IE 712 - Selected Applications of Stochastic Models
  • IE 612 - Introduction to Financial Engineering
  • IE 708 - Markov Decision Processes
  • IE 683 - Topics in Learning Algorithms

Other professional activities

  • I have spent a Sabbatical at Dept. of CSA, IISc
    • With Prof Y. Narahari and his students, I worked on some Mechanism Design (Protocol Engineering) problems arising from supply chains.
    • With Prof S. Bhatnagar and his students, I worked on some problems involving simulation based optimization and stochastic approximations, arising from Communication Networks, etc.
  • I regularly review articles for many journals and conferences