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FAQs Answered for New Students


General FAQs

Q. What is IEOR?

Ans: Please refer the following video:


Q. When will the Autumn semester (Jul- Dec, 2023) begin?

Ans: Tentatively Classes start on 31th July 2023. Orientation and Regsitration is on 27nd-28th July 2023.


Q. Will Autumn semester be in online mode or in offline mode?

Ans: Offline Mode

Q. When will the registration process start?

Ans: Orientation and Registration are on 27nd-28th July 2023.

Q. I have queries related to courses (core, electives) and credit requirements etc. Who should I ask?

Ans: It will be discussed during the orientation and registration process which will be conducted. However, for any doubt, you may contact your faculty advisor.


Q. What is the process for document verification?

Ans: Please refer to the official announcements and mails regarding the procedure for document verification.


Q. What documents need to be verified?

Ans: Please refer to the official email for relevant details about the requisites. Primarily, the following
documents need to be verified:
1. Degree certificate
2. Migration Certificate
3. Caste certificate, if applicable (OBC-NCL for OBC candidates)
4. Transcripts
You will be notified about how the documents will be verified.


Q. What about Extracurricular activities that used to happen on campus?

Ans: You will get ample opportunities to hone your talents and participate in various activities pertaining to different clubs.


For Ph.D.

Q. How many credit requirements do I have to complete in the first year if I have come after B.Tech, M.Tech or M.Sc.?

Ans: Go through this link:


Q. What are the compulsory courses and how much CPI is required in order to continue my Ph.D. ahead? What will happen if I am not able to get that much CPI?

Ans. Go through this link:


Q. When can I select my PhD supervisor? Is it necessary to select a supervisor immediately after joining?

Ans. Ph.D. supervisor can be chosen by the end of you 1st semester but it's good to choose as soon as possible.


For M.Sc.- Ph.D.

Q: Are interviews conducted after clearing written test?

Ans: No. interviews are not conducted for getting an admit in the MSc-PhD course through JAM.


Q: Do I get Scholarships/Stipend?

Ans: A stipend is provided to the students as per Institute norms and MHRD regulations. For obtaining stipend, a minimum CPI of 6.5 is necessary. We are not eligible for any government scholarship if we are receiving stipend. If you want any other scholarship, then you have to choose either stipend or other scholarship.


Q: Do we need prior coding experience?

Ans: Coding experience is not a prerequisite but if you have a basic idea, then it would come in handy.


Q: Is prior knowledge of Operations Research necessary for this course?

Ans: No, not necessarily. It would be an advantage if anyone has some knowledge but in case you don't, then no need to panic because with time, you get familiarized with it.


Q: Is laptop/Desktop necessary?

Ans: Yes, the laptop is necessary for almost all courses (for coding purposes). So, make sure you have one by the end of the first 1 or 2 weeks at the latest. 


Q: After which semester can I exit with MSc?

Ans: The first 2 years are for the coursework towards an M.Sc. degree. So, after 2 years, one can opt for an exit with M.Sc. degree (as per the revised course structure w.e.f. 2020). You need to notify your decision to continue for PhD or exit with MSc degree to the department by the end of 3rd semester.


Q: What is the minimum CPI requirement for continuing for PhD?

Ans: There has been a change in the curriculum structure, and the Minimum CPI requirement has also changed w.e.f. admission batch of 2020. The minimum CPI is 7.0 to continue for PhD after completing coursework.


Q: When would the qualifier exam for PhD be held?

Ans: Starting from this year, the coursework prior to PhD research work will be completed by 4th semester. And the qualifier will be held at the end of 4th semester.


Q: How many years are to be devoted for completing PhD?

Ans: Research work of a minimum of 3 years towards the PhD degree is required and it may extend further up to one year based on your performance.


Q: What about the mode of examination since everything is online?

Ans: It is yet to be decided and will be updated in due course of time. Keep checking the website for further updates.


Q. Which courses do I need to register for and how to do it?

Ans: There is a list of compulsory courses (called Core courses) that a student has to register for. There is also a list of courses (called Elective courses) from which a student can choose some courses by themselves. The methodology to register for the courses will be notified to you.


Q: Can we drop a course midway?

Ans: You cannot drop a Core course midway. Also, dropping a course has to be done keeping in mind the fulfilment of credit requirements.


Q: What if I miss an exam, do we have an option for re-exam?

Ans: This will depend on the respective course instructor.


Q: What about Internship/placement in this period if everything is online?

Ans: Under normal circumstances, you can sit for winter as well as summer internships on campus in the first year as per the Internship Policy. Placements start in December (after 3rd semester) and continues throughout the 4th semester. But this year, everything might be conducted online and you will be informed about them.


Q: What job profiles do students get into after this course?

Ans: There are opportunities for IEOR students in different sectors - core OR, Supply chain management, Machine Learning, Data analytics to name a few.


Q: Can we change our decision after opting for placements to continue for PhD?

Ans: No, you cannot change your decision after stating it.


For M.Tech

Q. What is the minimum CPI required to become eligible for stipend?

Ans: Minimum requirement is 6.0. Otherwise the amount of stipend is reduced.


Q. What is the stipend that a M.Tech student gets?

Ans: The stipend will be provided as per Institute norms and MHRD, AICTE regulations. A minimum CPI of 6.0 is necessary to obtain the full stipend.