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IEOR offers a Ph.D. degree for students with M.Tech./ B.Tech./ B.E./ M.Sc. entering (qualifying) degree who gain admission and satisfy the requirements of the programme.  The Ph.D. programme is also available for students post B.Sc. in Mathematics or Statistics, through the JAM exam, as part of a dual degree M.Sc-Ph.D, programme. Graduates of the Ph.D. programme demonstrate their ability to make original and significant contributions in the field of IEOR through their dissertation work.

The academic programme leading to the Ph.D. degree involves course-credit requirements and research work culminating in a dissertation.

Course-credit requirements & PhD registration

The student's qualification-wise (i.e., based on entering degree) credit requirements to be decided and administered by the IEOR IDPC, subject to minimum course credit requirements as prescribed by the Institute norms.

  • Students with qualifying degree as MTech or equivalent may be recommended up to 42 credits of coursework (excl. Seminar), depending on the student’s qualifying (entering) degree and prior coursework. If the recommended credits are more than 24 credits, then the student can take up to 2 semesters to complete the credit requirements.
  • Students with qualifying degree as BTech or MSc or equivalent may be recommended up to 56 credits of coursework (excl. Seminar), depending on their qualifying (entering) degree and prior coursework. The credit-requirement to be completed in the first 2 semesters.
  • All students to also do (i) IES801 Seminar course, and (ii) IExxx Communication Skills course as part of the credit requirements.

The proposed set of courses are to be identified in consultation with the faculty advisor, as part of the PhD registration process, at the time of joining the programme. The same to be submitted to IEOR IDPC for approval before registration.

Ph.D. Confirmation and Comprehensive Exam

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, the PhD registration will be confirmed, subject to the following requirements. The details of these PhD Qualifier requirements can be found here.

Grade requirements for Ph.D confirmation (This is applicable for PhD students of 2021-22 batch onwards): The students need to maintain a CPI of at least 7.00 at any time during the course of their PhD to continue the Ph.D. This will include all the prescribed coursework, including Seminar. Students may apply for one chance to take additional courses in subsequent semesters to clear this requirement, if applicable.

Comprehensive Exam for Ph.D confirmation: All students have to clear the comprehensive exam to qualify for Ph.D.

The grade requirement and comprehensive exam are independent requirements. Both need to be satisfied for confirmation of PhD registration.

Supervisor(s), Research Progress Committee and Annual Progress Seminar

Ph.D. students are encouraged to interact with all faculty members, and based on their research interest, sign up with any faculty as their PhD Supervisor. Joint or Co-Supervision is also possible. In consultation with his/her Supervisor, the Research Progress Committee (RPC) is to be setup. Details of these too are to be submitted along with the PhD Confirmation form.

The Annual Progress Seminar (APS) is an annual review of the student’s research progress by the RPC. The first APS is held in the 3rd semester (1 year) from joining.

Research work

The candidate eventually submits to the Institute a Thesis which will be judged by a panel of experts (both from IIT-B and outside) for "its contribution to advancement of knowledge."

Periodic dissemination of their findings in conferences, academic journals and factoring in the feedback of peer community is encouraged. Placement after completion of the programme is strongly influenced by this activity.

Scholarships and Support

The Institute TA scholarship is for a period of 5 years. This is the duration within which Ph.D. students should normally attempt to finish their requirements and submit their thesis.

Students admitted with scholarships (UGC-FA; IITB-Monash Academy) will be governed by the rule of those scholarships.

PhD students can apply for PMRF fellowship too, as per PMRF guidelines.