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Regions that we may recognize but are not on a political map today

This page has a random list of geographical names of regions which used to exist administratively or politically at some point, but don't seem to be present anymore.  They may come back, who knows?  The list does NOT include (a) old names for places that still exist in more or less the same form (renamed cities like Madras), (b) terms for regions that did not have a specific political existence by themselves and still remain that way (e.g. Vidarbha) and (c) countries that split up recently (Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, etc). 

In India, the entity should have some recognisable administrative form after independence.  This is all very subjective and this collection is here just because I like making lists.  As always, I welcome corrections/suggestions and also additions to the list.


Travancore (Tiruvitaankoor)

Southern Kerala Till recently, State Bank of Travancore used to exist
Malabar Northen Kerala Used for the region, the entire coast and Malabar Express on Indian Railways, but was also an administrative entity

Awadh             (Avadh/Oudh)

Central Uttar Pradesh Awadh Express; the old O.T. Mail (Oudh-Tirhut Mail or A.T.Mail of the Oudh Tirhut Railway)
Bundelkhand Central Madhya Pradesh Area around Khajuraho; Bundelkhand Express
Baghelkhand Northeastern Madhya Pradesh Area around Rewa, Satna
Malwa West and Madhya Pradesh Quite a large area including Gwalior all the way up to Indore; Malwa Express
Saurashtra/Kathiawad The ear of Gujarat Saurashtra Mail, Saurashtra Exp, State Bank of Saurashtra, Any number of dhabas on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway offering Kathiawadi cuisine
Bohemia Parts of Czech Republic A Scandal in Bohemia - Sherlock Holmes
Transylvania Central Romania Dracula; German Siebenbürgen
Prussia At its zenith, modern day Germany, parts of Poland, present day Kaliningrad German Borussia, very much present in Football teams in Dortmund and Mönchengladbach
Livonia Parts of Latvia and Estonia German Livland; Livlandstraße, Köln and Livländischestraße, Berlin
Silesia Parts of Eastern Germany, Poland and Czech Republic German Schlesien; Schlesisches Tor in Berlin
Anhalt Part of East Germany Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin; Saxony-Anhalt
Pomerania North-east Germany and north-west Poland Pomeranian dogs
Middlesex County surrounding London Used to be a county cricket team, but London has engulfed it now