Narayan Rangaraj


Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
IIT Bombay

Office: Room 102, First Floor, IEOR Building
Tel: +91 22 2576 7882
Email: narayan.rangaraj[AT]

Twitter: @NarayanRangaraj

During June-July 2022, I was Fraunhofer ITWM Fellow at the Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) at Kaiserslautern, Germany. 

Academic Background

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) - IIT Bombay (1986)
Ph.D. (Mathematical Sciences)  - Johns Hopkins University (1990)

Current Research Interests Teaching
Railway Operations Management January - April 2023
Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (including Pricing and Revenue Management)

IE 612 - Introduction to Financial Engineering

Applications to Health Care

Applications of O.R. in the aviation sector Courses taught earlier
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