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Narayan Rangaraj


Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
IIT Bombay

Office: Room 102, First Floor, IEOR Building
Tel: +91 22 2576 7882
Email: narayan.rangaraj[AT]

Twitter: @NarayanRangaraj

During June-July 2022, I was Fraunhofer ITWM Fellow at the Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) at Kaiserslautern, Germany.

IIT Bombay students interested in project work, please look here for some possibilities and send me email if interested.  

Academic Background

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) - IIT Bombay (1986)
Ph.D. (Mathematical Sciences)  - Johns Hopkins University (1990)

Current Research InterestsTeaching
Railway and Metro Rail Operations ManagementJuly - November 2024 -->
Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (including Pricing and Revenue Management)

Topics in IEOR

IE 401 for B.Tech/B.S./M.Sc.

IE 802 for M.Tech/Ph.D

Pl see here for details

Applications to Health CareWatch space above for more announcements!
Applications of O.R. in the aviation sectorCourses taught earlier
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