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Wanderings in Girgaon, Khetwadi, Lamington Road

In some recent wanderings in South Bombay, came across Girgaon Court, which provides a small, green spot in an otherwise completely built-up area.

These are the back and front views of Girgaon Court.

Below is a prominent landmark, the Railway Hotel - the nearby bus stop is named after it and all taxi drivers know it - bordering Cama Baug, one of the old Parsi Enclaves that still dot the city.  The hotel itself is a well-preserved building and there is also has a Bakery and Store, but that is now barely functional and seems to be under some litigation.  The chimney on the right belongs to the bakery.

The mysteriously named Magnum Arms needs some explanation!  No idea what it is - since it does not look like a pub, it must be a place where you get ammunition and guns.

Nearby are interesting lanes like Pavwala Lane, with its own little police chowky on the corner, Padamji Lane and Tribhuvan Lane, alongside the old Dreamland Theater, and Tara Temple Lane which connects to Lamington Road.  Bustling area, full of life and colour.  Tara Temple Lane is chock full of office electronics peripherals and fixer-boys who will fill toners and cartridges, repair printers and laptops, get 'original' spares for anything under the sun and now moving to cell phones and tablets and the like.


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