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Trip to Mazgaon, Sandhurst Road and Masjid - 17 Oct, 2021

I got into a train after almost 20 months, so I was naturally over-excited.  Here is an account of my trip to South Mumbai by train (and a three hour walk).

The first excitement was that because of Sunday maintenance, the train moved on to the fast track before Vidyavihar station and so I changed my plan and got off at Byculla station to start my wanderings.  Byculla East station entrance

The glorious Gloria Church in the late afternoon sunshine

The serene compound of the Regina Pacis Convent school and the Khilafat House opposite it, both on Love Lane, leading from Byculla to Mazgaon.

Maharana Pratap Chowk, Sales Tax Circle, Mazagaon, where the BEST starter's cabin was being painted in the colours of a bus!

A new road bridge (over the old Hancock Bridge?) being constructed at the north side of Sandhurst Road station, near the Wallace Flour Mills compound, now a swanky residential complex.

Smith House, near Sandhurst Road station.

The surprisingly green environs of Dongri Police station.  This dongri is I suspect, the same as Nowroji Hill (all the roads in that area are called Nowroji Hill Road number so and so) and that is also why the entrance to Sandhurst Road station with a slight incline is straight into the higher level where the harbour line trains come in.  There is no proper exit at the lower level.

I continued walking parallel to the railway tracks, to the west.  I did peep into the area east of the tracks, Masjid Railway Siding road and Dana Bunder. On the west, the old public water fountain on Narsi Natha street near Masjid station was interesting - a view from the nortth and one from the south showing a chap getting his ears cleaned!  For more on the history of this fountain, see

Facade of Mahatma Phule Market (Crawford Market) as it stands today.  The rest of the structure is demolished and perhaps being re-developed.

Badshah Cold Drink house, where I had a welcome mango falooda to top off the wanderings on a warm afternoon.

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