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Utkarsh Verma

Research Scholar

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR)
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Prof. Narayan Rangaraj

Academic Background 

M.Sc-Ph.D. Student in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, IIT Bombay (2013 - Present)
B.Sc (Hons) in Statistics from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. (2009-2012)

Research Area

Broad area of research is optimization in Healthcare management, currently working on developing mathematical models and algorithms for Kidney Exchange Program 

Publications and Conferences

Mincu R, Biró P, Gyetvai M, Popa A and Verma U, "IP solutions for international kidney exchange programmes" Central European Journal of Operations Research (CEJOR) 2020, 1-21.

Billa V, Verma U, Usulumarty D, Rangaraj N, Kumar R, Sanap G, Kothari J and Bichu S "A novel method to increase the kidney donorpool: A fusion model linking the deceased donor waitlist to a paired kidney exchange program" Indian J Transplant 2018;12:187-92.

Verma U, Billa V, Rangaraj N and Usulumarty D "Cadaver driven chains in kidney exchange program" 21st conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), July 17 - 21st 2017, Quebec City, Canada.

Verma U and Rangaraj N "Heuristic solution and analysis of Kidney exchange program" 29th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2018), July 8 - 11th 2018, Valencia, Spain.

Verma U and Rangaraj N "A heuristic approach for kidney exchange program" 8th VOCAL Optimization Conference: Advanced Algorithms, December 10 - 12th 2018, Esztergom, Hungary

Research Internship (July 2018 to Dec 2018)

Center for Economics and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Worked with Dr. Peter Biro on international kidney exchange program

Teaching Assistance  

IE 605 - Engineering Statistics                                   IE 709 - IEOR for Healthcare

IE 616 - Decision Analysis and Game Theory           IE 714 - Quantitative Methods for Supply Chain Management

IE 504 - Service and Infrastructure Systems             IE 802 - Topics in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research