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Faculty and Research Openings 

Invitation to faculty candidates, research associates and visitors

The IEOR programme at IIT Bombay has entered a phase of growth in new areas, while consolidating work in older areas. Opportunities seem to be many and the programme invites applicants for faculty, academic association and visits in whatever capacity is appropriate. 

Click here to know more about faculty postions available at IEOR.

Post Doctoral Fellow Positions

IIT Bombay offers Post Doctoral Fellow positions based on research interests in various groups. A consolidated salary and accommodation is generally provided.
Post Docs are expected to work on well defined areas with specific facultyin the group, with a tangible research deliverable. If interested in the possibility of a post doctoral position, contact individual faculty and the Convenor (at head.ieor[AT] with a detailed resume and a statement of research interests.

Corporate Visitors

All types of organizations such as manufacturing firms, service industries, logistics providers, research labs, start-ups, government and non-governmental organisations etc, can interact with IEOR in different modes. 
  • Visit our recruitment section to learn about our talent pool and past employers.
  • Visit our consultancy section to learn how you can interact with faculty for specialized expertise.
  • Visit our sponsored project section to learn how you can interact with current/ future Masters and Ph.D. students.
  • Visit our training section to learn about the training programmes we offer.
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