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We appreciate your interest in our rich talent pool. Today’s graduates in IEOR are in demand for their skills in modeling (quantitative methods and sophisticated stochastic models), optimization, stochastic simulation, computation techniques and analysis methodologies. The profile of IEOR alumni has a specialist feel to it, with people working in various sectors such as supply chain & logistics, manufacturing (semiconductor & automobile), financial & service sectors, transportation, and information technology (data analytics & e-commerce applications).

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Consultancy and Retainership

IIT faculty take up consultancy and retainership assignments for organizations on specific technical deliverables and inputs requiring specialized expertise. Interested organizations should directly contact concerned faculty and formal projects are eventually handled through the Dean R and D's office at IIT Bombay.  Consultancy projects are typically short assignments lasting from 3 months to a year.

Sponsored Project

Organizations wanting to sponsor developmental work and interact with Master's / Doctoral students can consider the Sponsored Project mode of interaction. The IEOR group undertakes sponsored research, co-ordinated by faculty from the group and adminstered through the office of the Dean R and D at IIT Bombay. Such research is in mutual areas of interest to organizations and the group, and is typically 6 months - 3 years in duration. Master's or Ph.D. students often work on sponsored projects as part of their thesis. It is expected that some publishable work arises from such projects.

The Dean R and D's office assists us in the Intellectual Property issues in such projects. The IITB model is generally that this is shared between IIT and the organization in an appropriate manner.


The IEOR programme offers occasional open training programmes for industry professionals, programmes for college teachers and also in-house programmes for organizations in a variety of areas. Faculty have recently offered courses in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Recent Developments in Operations Research and related areas. Those interested in exploring short term training opportunities in the IEOR area, for organizations or individuals can contact us.