Ph.D. and M.S. students

Ph.D. students (current)

Ph.D. students (past)

  • Swapnesh Subramanian, Utilization, Maintenance and Retrofit Planning for Passenger Rakes on Railway Systems (2022)
  • Utkarsh Verma,  Analysis of Kidney Exchange Programs and Deceased Donor Allocation Mechanisms  (2021)
  • Tejas Ghorpade, Models for Allocation and Routing Decisions in Freight Transportation (2021)
  • Shripad Salsingikar (with Siddhartha SenGupta), Routing and Scheduling of Trains in a Railway Network (2021)
  • Tilak Raj Singh (with Reinhold Klass), Configuration planning in mass customization: optimization based models (2017)
  • Ratnaji Vanga (as co-guide with Jayendran Venkateswaran), Supply Chain Management of Reusable Articles (2017)
  • Goutam Sen (with Vishnu Narayanan, Mohan Krishnamoorthy and David Abramson), Models and Algorithms for Static Data Segment Location in Information Networks (2015)
  • Niraj Dayama (with Vishnu Narayanan and Mohan Krishnamoorthy), Approaches and algorithms to solve generalized crane scheduling problems at cargo terminals (2014)
  • L. Sundaravalli (with J.Venkateswaran), Dynamic Railway Rescheduling using Intelligent Agents, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2009)
  • Sudhir Sinha (with N.Hemachandra), Analysis of contracts in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2008)
  • Sajeev A. George, Competences and Performance Measurement for Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2007)
  • George Easaw (with N.Hemachandra), Multiple performance measure analysis of decentralised supply chains, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2004)
  • M.M.Akarte (as co-guide with B.Ravi), A web-based framework for collaborative engineering of cast products, Mechanical Engineering (2002)
  • Jayan Moorkanat (as co-guide with P.G.Awate), Studies in certain machine loading, scheduling and production control problems in multistage production inventory systems, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2000)
  • U.Subba Raju (as co-guide with A.W.Date), Understanding technology choice for region specific planning: exploration through AHP and systems dynamics, Energy Systems Engineering (1995)

M.S. [by research] students

  • Shraddha Bhamare, Optimization of fractionation schemes and beamlet intensities in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy with changing cancer tumor properties (2017)
  • M.S.Gharote (as co-guide with N.Hemachandra), Inventory models for reverse logistics (2004)