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IE 618: Advanced Stochastic Processes for Operations Research

Prerequisites: IE 611 or equivalent and Instructor's consent.

Course contents

  1. Construction of Probability Measure, Integration, Convergence theorems, Law of large numbers and Central limit theorem. Lp spaces and Conditional expectation.

  2. Martingales : Super and Sub martingales, Doob's inequalities, Martingale convergence theorems.

  3. Analysis of M/G/1 and GI/M/1 queues. Derivation of Little's law and PASTA.

  4. Markov chains and stability (general state space, e.g., Rn): Introduction, \psi-irreducibility, Small sets, Transience and Recurrence. Drift criterion, SLLN, CLT.

  5. Random Walk Models, Analysis of G/G/1 queues using Ladder chains.


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  • Relevant Research papers.