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M.Sc Acad

The 2-year MSc. programme in Operations Research is for students with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or Statistics and interested in acquiring skills in engineering / interdisciplinary areas. The academic programme leading to the MSc degree involves foundation courses, advanced courses and project work. Candidates will have an opportunity to move into the PhD programme at the end of their 3rd semester, provided they meet all institute norms and departmental requirements.


Duration:Course work:2 years (4 semesters)
Curriculum Structure (2023 Batch onward; Full Time)
CodeCourse NameLTPC
IE501Optimization Models2106
IE503Operations Analysis3006
IE507Modeling and Computation Lab0135
IE509Computer Programming Lab0033
IE605Engineering Statistics3108
IE621Probability & Stochastic Processes I3006
 TOTAL   34
CodeCourse NameLTPC
IE614Linear Systems3006
IE616Decision Analysis & Game Theory3006
IE622Probability & Stochastic Processes II3006
IE630Simulation Modeling & Analysis3006
IE684IEOR Lab0135
 Elective 13006
 TOTAL   40
CodeCourse NameLTPC
IE609Mathematical Optimisation Techniques3006
 Elective 23006
 Elective 33006
IE685MSc Project 1001515
 TOTAL   39
CodeCourse NameLTPC
 Elective 43006
 Elective 53006
 Elective 63006
 Elective 73006
 Elective 83006
 TOTAL   30




Semester-wise Credits Distribution for MScPhD

Compulsory courses262412-62
Electives (Department/ Institute electives)-6123048
Seminar / Communication Skills 5--5
Projects  15 15


For MSc.Ph.D. 2019 Click here
For MSc.Ph.D. 2018 or earlier Click here

Key Points:

  1. Of the minimum of 8 electives (48 credits) required, at least 1 Institute Elective (6 credits) and at least 4 IE labeled department electives (of which one to be an 'Applied elective', and one from ‘Approved list’ as specified by IEOR DPGC) to be taken.
  2. Students who wish to continue with PhD (for MScPhD dual degree) should apply for the same by the end of their 3rd semester, and satisfy the following requirements:
    • Maintain a minimum CPI of 7.0 (without any backlogs) at the end of Semester 3 and all subsequent semesters to continue for Ph.D. 
    • Clear the Ph.D. Qualifiers and other PhD requirements.
    • Instead of 2 electives in Semester 4, they (student pursuing PhD) can do IE686 MScPhD Research Project 2.
    • Additional learning courses may be prescribed by the RPC/Qualifier committee to the MSc students those who wish to continue for PhD.
    • Students who plan to continue for PhD must sign up with a faculty supervisor, based on mutual consent. 
  3. Visit the List of Courses to view the choice of electives and the course contents.
  4. General rules and regulations of the Programme can be found at the IITB academics page.