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B.Tech Minor in IEOR

To get a UG Minor in IEOR, the B.Tech/DD student needs to complete 5 IE labelled courses (30 credits).

The student must complete a minimum of 2 courses from the basket: IE501, IE503, (IE621 or IE502 or IE611), (IE630 or IE603).

Courses not considered for Minor are: IE605, IE614, IE684, IE507, IE509.

It is further noted that: 
○ Students who have already completed IE502 cannot register for IE621.
○ Students who have already completed IE603 cannot register for IE630.
○ Students who have already completed IE601 cannot register for IE609.

Important: B.Tech. Minor Registrations would take place based on Institute allotment rules. Students need not contact individual Faculty members for the same.


  • The basket of courses IE501, IE503, IE621 and IE630 will be offered every year with a registration limit of 40 or more students.
  • The list of other IE courses that offer a Minor section will be announced at the start of the respective semester.
  • The actual set of courses which has Minor divisions will be announced at the beginning of each semester.
  • Of the set of courses allowed for Minor, at least one course will be offered in slot 5, and the other minor courses can be in any other slot.
  • It is suggested that the students complete IE501IE503/ IE621 before choosing any other IE labelled Electives.
  • We recommend that students take other IE labelled electives as Minor courses during their 5th semester and beyond, subject to prerequisites and other Institute norms.  
  • Registering for IE688 ‘R and D project’ as a minor course requires pre-approval by IEOR IDPC before registration; This will be permitted only if IEOR faculty offers a project.
  • For minor degree, the IEOR courses (compulsory + electives) should be tagged as a minor course, 'M' only.  ALC and Institute electives will not be counted towards Minor in IEOR.
  • Re-tagging of IE labelled courses as Minor courses will be considered during the retagging window at the end of the student's 4th year/ 5th year, as per Institute norms.
  • The list of IE labelled courses, along with their syllabus and pre-requisite requirements are available, under Academics > IEOR Courses.
  • For any queries contact Prof. Manjesh Hanawal (


Former Minor structure (only FYI).