Undergraduate Minor in IEOR

To earn an Undergraduate Minor in IEOR, students need to earn 30 credits of coursework in theory courses, as per the curriculum below: 

Sl. No. Course No. Course Name Credits Pre-requisites
1 IE 501  Optimization Models 2-1-0-6 None
2 IE 502 Probabilistic Models 2-1-0-6 None

IE 503        or
IE 504

Operations Analysis
Service and Infrastructure



4 2 IE Electives  2 IE labelled electives*   Subject to satisfaction
of pre-requisite
requirements, if any

* 2 IE labelled electives (including IE 503/504): 

Any two IE labeled theory courses (subject to satisfaction of pre-requisite requirements, as applicable), but excluding IE505, IE507, IE605, IE614, IE684.


  • The registration limit is 20 students per Minor division of a course.
  • The actual set of courses which has Minor divisions will be announced at the beginning of each semester.
  • Of the set of courses allowed for Minor, at least one course will be offered in slot 5, and the other minor courses can be in any other slot.
  • It is suggested that the students complete IE501, IE502 and (IE503 or IE504) before choosing any other IE labelled Electives.
  • Doing both IE 503 and IE 504 is permissible.
  • We recommend that students take IE labelled electives as Minor courses during their 5th semester and beyond, subject to other Institute norms.  
  • The list of IE labelled courses, along with their syllabus and pre-requisite requirements are available, under Academics > IEOR Courses.
  • For any queries contact Prof. Manjesh Hanawal (mhanawal@iitb.ac.in).