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IE 620: Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Prerequisite: IE 708 (Markov decision Processes) or Instructor's consent. 

Course Content: 

  • Reinforcement Learning (RL) as a data driven framework for sequential   decision making problems (Markov decision models). 

  • Model-free and model-based algorithms; temporal differences; TD (lambda) algorithms; Q-learning and its variants; discounted and average cost models. 

  • Value and policy based approaches for discounted and average cost  models; actor-critic algorithms with linear function approximations; their convergence via two-time scale stochastic approximation approach; natural   gradient based algorithms. 

  • Multi-Agent RL for discounted and average cost models; non-cooperative models; minimax criteria; decentralised models; consensus matrix; actor-critic algorithms with linear function approximations. 

  • Learning stochastic shortest path problems and their multi-agent versions; regret analysis of algorithms. 

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms for single and multi-agent models. 


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