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Undergraduate Minor in IEOR

Note: Given is the earlier 'old' Minor program structure. It is now (since 2020) replaced with the updated structure for all batches. The decision to award Minor in IEOR will be based on satisfaction of the new IEOR Minor structure

To earn an Undergraduate Minor in IEOR, students need to earn 30 credits of coursework in theory courses, as per the curriculum below: 

Sl. No. Course No. Course Name Credits Pre-requisites
1 IE 501  Optimization Models 2-1-0-6 None

IE 621^

Probabilistic and Stochastic Processes 1 2-1-0-6 None

IE 503        or
IE 504

Operations Analysis
Service and Infrastructure



4 2 IE Electives  2 IE labelled electives*   Subject to satisfaction
of pre-requisite
requirements, if any

* 2 IE labelled electives (including IE 503/504): 

Any two IE labeled theory courses (subject to satisfaction of pre-requisite requirements, as applicable), but excluding IE505, IE507, IE509, IE605, IE614, IE684.

^ IE502 Probability Models will no longer be offered. If you have already done IE 502, it will be considered. Note that only one of IE 502 and IE 621 will be considered for Minor.


  • The registration limit is min 20 students per Minor division of a course.
  • The actual set of courses which has Minor divisions will be announced at the beginning of each semester.
  • Of the set of courses allowed for Minor, at least one course will be offered in slot 5, and the other minor courses can be in any other slot.
  • It is suggested that the students complete IE501, IE502 and (IE503 or IE504) before choosing any other IE labelled Electives.
  • Doing both IE 503 and IE 504 is permissible.
  • We recommend that students take IE labelled electives as Minor courses during their 5th semester and beyond, subject to other Institute norms.  
  • For minor degree, the IEOR courses (compulsory + electives) should be tagged as a minor course, 'M'.  ALC and Institute electives will not be counted towards Minor in IEOR.
  • The list of IE labelled courses, along with their syllabus and pre-requisite requirements are available, under Academics > IEOR Courses.
  • For any queries contact Prof. Manjesh Hanawal (