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IEOR offers M.Tech. degree in 'Industrial Engineering and Operations Research'. The M.Tech. programme is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the area. The academic programme leading to the M.Tech. degree involves course-credit requirements and research work. The duration of the M.Tech. programme for regular full time students is 2 years. There is an option of a 3 year part-time M.Tech. for Institute Project staff.

The degree offers a wide choice of courses for the students to choose from. The students are expected to complete a minimum of 73 course credits. The following is the list of Compulsory Courses to obtain the degree:

  • IE 601 Optimization Techniques (8 credits)
  • IE 611 Introduction to Stochastic Models (8 credits)
  • IE 694 Seminar (4 credits)
  • IE 507 Modeling and Computation Lab (5 credits)
  • One course on Communication Skills (not counted towards total credits) (Pass/Not Pass)

The remaining 48 course credits must be fulfilled through Electives*, as follows:

  • Minimum of 36 course credits (6 courses) MUST be IE labelled courses (known as core courses)
  • Minimum of 6 course credits (1 course) MUST be an Institute Elective (chosen from among the course list announced by the Institute at the beginning of each semester)
  • Minimum of 6 course credits (1 course) MUST be from the approved list of electives (includes IE and other department electives).

Registration of courses NOT on the approved list needs prior approval from the students' faculty advisor.

The final course plan of the student has to be approved by the student's' faculty advisor. The typical course plan for a 2-year M.Tech. programme is given at the end this page.

For the M.Tech. Degree, the student must do 90 credits (48 + 42) of Research Work, which culminates in a M.Tech. Thesis. Through the research work, the student must exhibit the ability to think independently and make significant contributions to the field of IEOR.

There are two review stages en-route to the completion of the thesis work, with the second being the final open presentation. Typically, the Stage I review presentation is held in the end of 3rd semester (October); and Stage II final review presentation is held at the end of 4th semester (May-June). The final Thesis Defense will include an external examiner from outside IITB and an external chairman from outside IEOR.

Semester-wise Credits Distribution for M.Tech.

  Sem I Sem II Sem III Sem IV Total
IE Compulsory Courses (IE 601, IE 611) 16




Electives* (IE Labeled/Approved List/Institute Elective) 12 24 or 30 0 to 12 0 to 6 48
Lab (IE 507) 05 - - - 05
Seminar (IE 694) - 04 - - 04
HSS 699 Comm. Skills - 04 - - 4 (P/NP)
M.Tech. Project - - 48 42 90
Total 33 28+4 48 to 56 42 to 48 73+4+90 =163+4

Please visit the list of courses to view the choice of electives and the course contents.
Further information regarding the rules and regulations of the M.Tech. Programme is available on the IITB academics page.