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Workshop on Railways - 30 May 2015


Title:   Operations Planning and Strategy on Indian Railways

Date:   30 May 2015 (9:30 am to 6:00 pm)

Venue: VMCC, IIT Bombay campus


The objective of the workshop is to discuss how to make operating decisions and investments in the rail sector as effective as possible. The workshop will emphasize systemic approaches and not specific departmental concerns. It will start with identifying challenges that Indian Railways faces, its own internal ongoing efforts, and areas where it would like external engagement. It will examine possible contributions of outside partners, including consultants, IT service providers, academic institutions and professionals across the spectrum.

The workshop will feature

(a) Presentations by railway practitioners on decision areas, problem descriptions and state of the art on various aspects of Operations Planning and Analysis on Indian Railways

(b) Work done by post graduate students, research associates and others in this area, in academic institutions and industry research and product development groups

(c) Poster presentations and demonstrations by students working in this area

(d) Panel discussions on current technologies and future trends in the domain of railway operations management, and  professional possibilities for joint work

(e) Keynote address by the Minister of Railways (if able to attend) and Senior Railway officials

There will be sufficient time for interaction and discussion.

One of the expected outcomes of the workshop is to agree on making available, under suitable legal restrictions, suitable data corpora for research and development as well as desirable benchmarks of desirable decision making. Examples are (i) realistic network level data that are expected to be relevant in modern railway management (ii) instances of crew planning at a divisional level and (iii) digital data regarding complex station or yard areas.

Topics (indicative list)

  • Capacity planning at stations, on sections and parts of a railway network
  • Timetabling of services for passenger operations
  • Scheduled vs on demand freight movements
  • Integrated control of train operations
  • Train tracking, SCADA, Data loggers and GPS technologies
  • Management of rolling stock for passenger and freight services
  • Crew planning

The workshop will have short, invited talks and sufficient time for discussion and sharing of ideas in this important area of work where collaborative efforts are needed involving multiple partners.

If you want to attend the workshop, please email us to and we will get back to you soon.