Core Faculty

Jayendran Venkateswaran (Head)

jayendran [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Modeling & Distributed Simulation (Discrete-event, System Dynamics), Integrated Supply Chain Analysis

P Balamurugan

balamurugan.palaniappan [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Theoretical and practical aspects of Machine Learning, Data mining, Optimization for data science, Longitudinal Data Analysis and related applications.

Manjesh Hanawal

mhanawal [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Communication Networks, Machine Learning, and Network Economics.

N. Hemachandra

nh [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Operations Research methodologies like Machine Learning including Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks, Markov decision models, Queueing models, Game theory, etc.
Application areas include Communication networks, Supply chains, Financial Engineering, Logistics and Power systems.

Veeraruna Kavitha

vkavitha [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Stochastic processes, Performance Analysis, Queuing Theory, Polling systems, Optimal control, Game theory, Stochastic approximation, Wireless communications

Ashutosh Mahajan

amahajan [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Theory, Algorithms and Software for Mixed-Integer Linear and Nonlinear Optimization.

Vishnu Narayanan

vishnu [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Integer Programming, Convex Optimization, and Polyhedral Theory

Narayan Rangaraj

narayan.rangaraj [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Application of Operations Research to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Railway Operations, Transportation and Health Care

K.S. Mallikarjuna Rao

mallik.rao [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Game theory, Stochastic Control, Probability, Partial Differential Equations, Viscosity Solutions

Urban Larsson

urban031 [AT] gmail.com, larsson [AT] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Game Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Cellular Automata, Mechanism Design, and Algorithms


Associated Faculty

Siddhartha SenGupta (Adjunct Professor)

siddhartha.sengupta [AT] tcs.com, ssengupta [at] iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Large scale automated Automated Railway Planning, Transportation planning, Creating value from ICT, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (including Pricing/Revenue Management),  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Madhu Belur


Research Interests:  Railway timetabling: development of tools, Singular and descriptor systems: impulse elimination, Dissipative systems: algorithms for storage functions,Operations research: timetabling, bottleneck identification and congestion control, Graph theoretic methods and structural control, Allocation problems and matching techniques

Avinash Bhardwaj


Research Interests:  Conic (mixed) integer programming, Linear and Non Linear Discrete Optimization, Polyhedral cutting planes for mixed-integer programming, Polyhedral Combinatorics,Optimization under uncertainty, Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation Algorithms, Computational Optimization

Jayakrishnan Nair


Research Interests:  Queueing theory, Communication networks, Heavy tails

Retired Faculty

P.G. Awate



Research Interests: Scheduling, Inventory Management, Neural Networks, Knowledge-based Systems

A. Subash Babu

subash [AT] me.iitb.ac.in

Research Interests: Manufacturing Systems, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship.