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Core Faculty

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Modeling & Distributed Simulation (Discrete-event, System Dynamics), Integrated Supply Chain Analysis

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Theoretical and practical aspects of Machine Learning, Data mining, Optimization for data science, Longitudinal Data Analysis and related applications.

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Linear and Non Linear mixed integer Optimization, Convex Optimization, Polyhedral Combinatorics, Optimization under uncertainty etc.

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Communication Networks, Machine Learning, and Network Economics.

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Machine Learning including Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Markov decision models, Queueing models, Game Theory etc.

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Stochastic processes, Performance Analysis, Queuing Theory, Polling systems, Optimal control, Game theory, Stochastic approximation, Wireless communications

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Game Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Cellular Automata, Mechanism Design, and Algorithms

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Research Interests: Theory, Algorithms and Software for Mixed-Integer Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

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Integer Programming, Convex Optimization, and Polyhedral Theory

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Application of Operations Research to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Railway Operations, Transportation and Health Care

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Deterministic and Stochastic control, (Differential) Game Theory, Viscosity Solutions, Markov Decision Processes, Probability and Mathematical Finance

Associated Faculty

Madhu Belur (Electrical Engineering, IITB)

Research Interests:  Railway timetabling: development of tools, Singular and descriptor systems: impulse elimination, Dissipative systems: algorithms for storage functions,Operations research: timetabling, bottleneck identification and congestion control, Graph theoretic methods and structural control, Allocation problems and matching techniques

Jayakrishnan Nair (Electrical Engineering, IITB)


Research Interests:  Queueing theory, Communication networks, Heavy tails

P.G. Awate (Professor Emeritus, IEOR)


Research Interests: Scheduling, Inventory Management, Neural Networks, Knowledge-based Systems

Visiting Faculty

Kavita Ramanan (Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, US)
Distinguished Visiting Professor


Research Interests: Probability theory, stochastic processes and their applications, including reflected processes, large deviations theory,  high-dimensional probability and applications to asymptotic convex geometry

Pietro belotti (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Visiting Assistant Professor


Research Interests: Discrete nonlinear (global) optimization; exact methods for discrete multiobjective optimization, robust optimization, and open-source software for optimization


Retired Faculty

A. Subash Babu

subash [AT]

Research Interests: Manufacturing Systems, Quality Management,  Entrepreneurship

Siddhartha SenGupta (Adjunct Professor)

Research Interests: Large scale automated Automated Railway Planning, Transportation planning, Creating value from ICT, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (including Pricing/Revenue Management), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence