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IE 602: Service Engineering and Management

Prerequisite:  Exposure to relevant concepts at undergraduate level and instructor consent


Strategic service vision, service concepts and strategy, Understanding services, focus on customers, customer service management; Design and delivery of the services, Managing capacity and demand, Service quality and productivity, Globalization of services, Service Network; IT Enabled services, Design and operation of systems for eBusiness ;

Business Process Management - process analysis, reengineering, process measurement and effectiveness;

Management science application in services- Applications of inventory models, location analysis, queuing theory, operations scheduling, economic analysis, decision models, utility theory, simulation modeling, performance evaluation with data envelopment analysis, AHP and productivity models, evaluation of the dynamics of enablers, inhibitors and results ;

Management Control systems -control processes, performance measurement, variations in management control and modern control systems, management control of projects, management control of reliability;

BPO and Services marketing

Applications of Technology management, Benchmarking, Customer relationship management, Data mining and Knowledge management


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