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IE 616: Decision Analysis and Game Theory

Prerequisite:  Exposure to relevant concepts at undergraduate level and instructor consent


Decision making techniques for systems operating under uncertainty. Multi criteria decision models, Pareto optimality, Goal programming with examples.  

Basic concepts of decision theory. Decision under risk with examples: Probability and Bayesian Inference, von-Neumann Morgenstern expected utility theorem, Interpretations of probability; Utility, paradoxes of utility theory, Newcomb's problem.
Dynamic programming, finite state action models, backward induction algorithm, and applications. Multi-agent models and Game Theory, with applications: Prisoner`s Dilemma, zero-sum and non-zero-sum games, static and dynamic games, strategic and extensive form games, Nash Equilibrium, Backward induction, repeated games, games with incomplete information, Bayesian Nash equilibrium, Evolutionary game theory.



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