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Anupam Singh

IIT Bombay, M. Tech 

Year of Joining: July 2019


Academic Interests :

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, supply chain

Seminar Topic: Optimal Prescriptive Tree

Courses :

IE 601              Optimization Techniques                                                

IE 716              Integer Programming: Theory and Computations

GNR 652         Machine Learning for Remote Sensing-I

​SOM744          Multivariate Data Analysis

MNG802          Statistics for Management Research

IE 683              Topics in Learning Algorithms

IE 611              Introduction to Stochastic Models

IE 708              Markov Decision Processes

IE 503              Operations Analysis

IE 714              Quantitative Models for Supply Chain Management

IE 604              Systems Dynamics Modeling & Analysis


Position of Responsibility: 

Class Representative | M.Tech, IEOR (2019-21 batch)

Teaching Assistant

IE 716   Integer Programming: Theory and Computations (Spring 2020)
IE 601, IE 609 and IE 609M, (Mathematical) Optimization Techniques (Autumn 2020)


Singh, Anupam, and Manjesh K. Hanawal. "Monitoring COVID Hotspots Using Telecom Data: Voronoi Tessellations for Marking Buffer Zones." In 2021 International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS (COMSNETS), pp. 134-137. IEEE, 2021.

Contact :

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