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P Balamurugan

Assistant Professor
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
IIT Bombay

Room No: 101


office contact number (from anywhere): +912225769423

office contact number (within IITB): 9423

I work in the areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining with a particular emphasis on developing simple, yet efficient practical algorithms (mostly from an optimization perspective) for various problems.

I am also interested in looking into the probabilistic, statistical and learning-theoretic facets of different problems. Lately, I have developed interests in longitudinal data analysis techniques.  I keenly explore new applications which challenge existing algorithms.  

I am looking for highly motivated graduate (MSc, MTech and PhD) students who wish to contribute to these research areas. Interested students can drop me an e-mail for a discussion.

For more details on my research work, code and other activities, please check my personal webpage