Harshit Pandey

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research                                                 

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Program: M.Tech

Year of Joining: July 2019

Course Completed:

  • IE 507  Modeling & Computation Lab
  • IE 601  Optimization Techniques
  • IE 611  Introduction to Stochastic Models
  • IE 603  Discrete Event System Simulation
  • IE 615  Data Analytics in Operational Research
  • IE 709  IEOR for Health Care
  • IE 716  Integer Programming: Theory and Computations
  • IE 714  Quantitative Models for Supply Chain Management
  • EE 769  Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CS 626 Speech,Natural Language Processing and the web
  • EE 782 Advance Topics In Machine Learning
  • MNG802 Statistics for Management Research
  • MGT806 Behavioural Operations Management

Academics Interest: Optimization, Integer Programming, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Supply Chain Operations.

Seminar Topic: Different Types of Algorithms used in Ranking Scientific Research Paper.

Course Project: Machine Learning in Supply Chain Operations.​

Subject Projects:

  • Image Captioning using Different Types of Architecture.
  • Glimore-Gomory LP for bin Packing. Possibly study some special cases and improve bounds.
  • E-commerce Revenue Prediction using Different ML Techniques.
  • Credit Risk Modelling using Machine Learning.

Other Interest:

Singing and Chess.