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Lab Policies

Common Rules

  1. All computers in the Computer Lab are for Academic, Instructional and Research purposes ONLY.
  2. It is your responsibility to install, update and maintain the OS and other applications on the desktop alloted for your use.
  3. All desktops should have a guest (non-privileged) account with username 'ieor' and password 'ieorlab'.
  4. We promote the use of free/open source softwares and OS. Any distribution of open source OS like Linux can be installed on your machine. Installation of commercials OSes like Windows and OSX need intent and prior permission.
  5. All Windows machines should be protected with a licensed anti-virus and firewall, and it should be updated regularly.
  6. Printer should be used only for academic purposes.
    1. Please use old, one side used paper for printing, when ever possible.
    2. PPT slides and pictures should be printed in order to minimise the cartridge (ink) usage. For example, multiple slides on one page.
  7. Switch off all fans /lights/ monitor / desktops when not in use.
  8. All lab users should follow the instructions of the Lab TAs.
  9. Repair / purchase  of desktop / cartridge should be done through the IEOR office and / or the TAs.