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M.Tech RA/RAP Admissions Details 2023

(Page updated as on 04/07/2023)


The interview Shortlist for M.Tech RA/RAP is listed here (NEW)
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Information for RAP Applicants 

The following projects are offered for RAP Admissions. 

Data analysis and support to planning of railways/metro-rail/public transport    

Associated Faculty:  Prof. Narayan Rangaraj and Prof. Madhu Belur, IEOR   
Project Description:
The RA position is to support the work of various public transport agencies in India through data analysis, algorithmic inputs where relevant and writing and compiling useful guidelines through detailed case studies.  Specific areas of work include multimodal integration of services like metro rail and bus, suburban rail transport and other modes, considering route planning, timetabling, integrated ticketing and crew planning.  The RA would have opportunities to directly interacting with planners and operators of various kinds of public transport agencies and also process data including demand data and operating cost data.

Minotaur Project 

Associated Faculty: Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan, IEOR.
Project Description: 
Minotaur Project: Minotaur is an open-source framework for Integer Nonlinear Optimization. It includes several algorithms and solvers for solving optimization problems that have nonlinear constraints and/or integer variables. Algorithmic components in Minotaur include branch-and-cut, heuristic search, presolving, cutting planes, automatic reformulation, parallel computing etc. These methods are based on optimization methods including linear programming and quadratic programming. A student admitted for this project is expected to implement existing algorithms and develop novel ideas. They are also expected to test and improve existing code, develop documentation, examples and case studies etc. The student should be familar with or willing to learn C++, basics of Linux operating system, using development tools like a debugger and profiler etc. This position is open to all candidates who satisfy the eligibility requirements of IEOR MTech admissions.

Information for RA Applicants 

Roles and Responsibilities for RA position. 

Number of RA Positions: 2
Role Description for RA position 1: 
Responsibilities include maintaining IEOR computational and web servers, upgrading hardware, installing & updating software, maintaining the department website, supporting students, staff and faculty in using these systems, assisting in maintaining other systems including printers, wifi, scanners and switches etc. The candidate should be comfortable using and managing computers and other hardware. Familiarity with Linux, good communication skills, analytical and debugging abilities, basic knowledge of networking are desirable.

Role Description for RA position 2: 
Responsibilities include assisting IEOR Faculty with developing UG program lab curriculum for Digital Enterprise Systems and other labs. Familiarity with digital, electrical and mechanical systems will be preferable.


Eligibility criteria, aptitude test and interview information for RAP/RA Admissions

Minimum Criteria for candidates to be considered for RA/RAP Admissions: Applicants should have applied for M.Tech Program at IEOR, IIT Bombay under RA category. 

All candidates who meet the above criteria can register for the interview process. You will be required to fill in a few personal and academic details, along with project preferences. Registered candidates would then attempt an aptitute test and submit their solutions. Out of all candidates who register and submit their aptitude test solutions, at most 30 will be shortlisted for interview based on their GATE score. Final shortlisting for admission will be based on interview score which will consider the aptitute test performance also. Deadline for registering is JUNE 29, 2023. Aptitude test question will be provided by JULY 01, 2023. Interviews will be held in VC mode on JULY 05, 2023



Please check below the rules and regulations for RA/RAP position.

* RA and RAP are fulltime MTech for duration of 3 years.

* Candidates admitted under RA/RAP category shall not accept or hold any appointment (paid or otherwise) or     receive any emoluments, salary, stipend from any other source during RAP tenure.

* The continuation of RA/RAP assistantship  will be subject to monthly attendance and satisfactory academic performance

* Candidates admitted under RAP category, against a sponsored R&D project, will be required to work for the same project for 20 hours per week and undertake the M.Tech. dissertation work under the same project investigator(s), and will be considered for a financial assistantships from the sponsored project as per the norm for a period of 36 months.

* Candidates admitted as RA will be considered for financial assistantships of Rs.13,400 (per month), along with annual increments as prescribed by Institute rules, for a maximum period of 36 months subject to serving as a research assistant in a course/laboratory for 20 hours per week as assigned by the concerned academic unit. The assistantship will be paid on the basis of monthly attendance.  

* Employees on the rolls (with or without pay) of any organization are not eligible for admission under RA/RAP category.

* A valid GATE score is mandatory; the interview (and aptitude test) are mandatory for IEOR.


Please send an e-mail to or regarding any specific queries on M.Tech. RAP/RA Admissions.