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Game Play

Games to play on Sunday 21st.

Atari Go Domineering 


Toads and Frogs


Author: Simon Norton, 1970s. Board: 8x8. Pieces: 28 cats and 28 dogs. Moves: Players alternately place their pieces on the board (the pieces are «cats» and «dogs»; one player places cats, and the other places dogs). In each turn, a player places one of their pieces on an empty cell. When placing their pieces on the board, players cannot place a dog (or a cat) adjacent to a cat (or a dog), either vertically or horizontally. Winning Condition: The player who makes the last move is the winner. Anti-symmetry Rule: The player with the cats starts and places a piece in one of the four center cells of the board. The player with the dogs cannot place their first piece in one of these center cells.

Traffic Jam

Author: Urban Larsson Board: A traffic crossing of size nxn, n=3,4 or 5 Pieces: 2xn cars (domino tiles) Starting position: Each player has n cars, placed just outside the nxn board. One player starts to the left of the road crossing and the other player starts in front of the crossing. Moves: Players alternately move one of their cars one step forward. A car cannot move if there is an opponent car immediately in front of it. Winning Condition: A player who manages to drive all their cars through the crossing is the winner. Game play may end earlier if one of the players cannot move any of their cars. In this case the other player wins. Variation: The game can be played as a disjunctive sum of several crossings. In this case, a player who manages to get all their cars to the other side of one of the crossings is declared the winner. A current player who is blocked in all crossings is declared a loser. 


Wythoff Nim 

Pingala Nim 

Grundy's Game 

Subtract a Square 

Dawson's Chess