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Simran Lakhani presented her work at the SOM Conference 2023

Simran Lakhani, Ph.D. scholar of IEOR, presented her work (co-authored with Prof Ashutosh Mahajan and Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) doctors) "A Systems View of a Joint Clinic for Cancer Treatment in a Tertiary Care Hospital" at the SOM Conference 23 held at IIM Shillong from 14-16 Dec,23. 

The talk discussed the intricate dynamics of Joint Clinics (JCs) within a tertiary-care hospital, focusing on Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Mumbai. The primary objective is to mitigate overcrowding and streamline the complex processes involved in cancer treatment. JCs, vital for multidisciplinary decision-making, involve specialists from various domains to devise comprehensive treatment plans for complex cases. However, orchestrating these sessions amidst resource constraints and time-intensive schedules presents considerable challenges. We study the procedures of JC currently seen in TMH and suggest improvements using principles of Operations Research. 

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