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Preconference Workshop on Solving MINLPs using MINOTAUR

Setting up Your Computer
Follow these steps to install MINOTAUR binaries with AMPL.

Download AMPL

If you do not have AMPL IDE, download the free demo version:

Download MINOTAUR files

Setting up the binaries

  • Unzip the downloaded MINOTAUR files.
  • All files (bnb, mcqg, all .mod files, etc) in the folder  should be copied to AMPL directory.
  • AMPL directory is the one that contains ampl.lic file and other AMPL files.
  • Open file manager (Windows explorer) and go to AMPL directory.
  • Open the amplide folder and start amplide by double clicking on it.
  • From the left panel, change the Current Directory to the folder containing ampl.lic and all MINOTAUR files.
  • Test the setup by double clicking on test.mod and running it (Ctrl+r).

Workshop Slides

Please find the slides for the workshop here.

Other Scheduled Talks on MINOTAUR at ORSI2019

If you are curious to know more about the ongoing and recent developments in MINOTAUR, the following talks might be of interest.

  • Session MC2, "Linearization Schemes for LP/NLP Based Branch and Bound Algorithm for Convex MINLPs" on Monday, Dec 16, 12:00-1:30 PM, by Meenarli Sharma
  • Session MD2, "Accelerating LP, NLP, and MILP Based Algorithms for Convex MINLPs using Parallelization Schemes" on Monday, Dec 16, 2:30-4:00 PM, by Prashant Palkar