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Latex Resources

  1. IEOR Latex workshop by D. Bijulal
  2. IEOR Latex workshop, notes, manuals and references by Sundaravalli
  3. Getting Started with LATEX by David R. Wilkin
  4. Mathmode by Herbert Vos
  10. Latex templates
  11. IEOR department style files and cover pages are here. You may need to use 'Latex' and then 'dvi-to-pdf' command to create the pdf output.
  12. IEOR department thesis approval sheet are available at here.

Latex Editors

  • For Windows : MikTex + TexMaker/WinEdit/Texnic Center/LED/Kile
  • For GNU/Linux: Texlive + TexMaker/Kile/Emacs
  • To manage bibliography: JabRef /KBibtex (Linux)
  • A PSTricks drawing tool: LaTexDraw/Dia

The download links (as on 24-03-10) for these softwares are: