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Sasanka Sekhar Maiti

Research Scholar (2013 -  )

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Ph.D. Topic: Indian Payment Systems - Operations, Empirical Analysis,

                     Policy Assessment and Recommendations

Supervisor: N. Hemachandra


Courses:  Optimization Technique; Introduction to Stochastic Model; Discrete Event Simulation; Theory of Estimation; Financial Economics; Decision Analysis and Game Theory; Network Flow Models and Applications; Credit Seminar - Utility Theory, Risks and Applications



1. Sasanka Maiti, “From Cash to Non-cash and Cheque to Digital: The Unfolding Revolution in India’s Payment Systems”, Mint Street Memo No. 07, November 24, 2017, Reserve Bank of India,

2. Sasanka Maiti and N. Hemachandra, “Empirical assessments of the Reserve Bank of India’s policy measures on payment and settlement systems in India”, Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 29 AUGUST 2018, ISSN: 2049-5404 (print) 2049-5412 (online), DOI: 10.21314/JFMI.2018.100

3. Sasanka Maiti and N. Hemachandra, “Effects of Key Financial Markets’ Infrastructure on Cash and Liquidity Management of Banks in India”, Arthshastra Indian Journal of Economics & Research Volume 7, Issue 4, July-August 2018, pp 47-55, DOI: 10.17010/aijer/2018/v7i4/131662

Current Employment

Director, Big Data Analytics Division, Department of Statistics and Information Management, Reserve Bank of India

Work Experience

Research Officer (1999 - 2005), Reserve Bank of India - 6 years

Assistant Adviser (2005 - 2017), Reserve Bank of India - 13 years

Director (2018 - current), Reserve Bank of India


Payment Systems, Information Management, Database Management, Risk Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Computing, Report Building, MIS Building


Pursuing Ph.D. in IEOR, IIT Bombay (2013 - current)

Master in Statistics, IIT Kanpur (1995 - 1997)

Master in Business Administration (Finance)

Black Belt in Six Sigma Methodology, ISI Mumbai

Bachelor in Statistics, Kalyani University (1991-1995)


Gold Medal from Governor, Reserve Bank of India (2009)

Silver Medal from Reserve Bank of India (2013)

Merit Cum Means Scholarships, IIT Kanpur (1995-1997)

Merit Scholarship, Kalyani University