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Taposh Kumar Kapuria

Taposh Kumar Kapuria is an M.Tech student. He is also an ICCR scholar and holds a research interest in Supply chain and logistics. Currently, pursuing a master's at IIT, Bombay in Industrial Engineering & Operation Research track. His research works appear in various journals. Before joining IIT Bombay, he has done several research works on quality improvement of jute yarn, T-shirts, and waste management.

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M.Tech Student                                                               

Start time: 19 July 2019--End time: 30 June 2021
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Supervisor:  Prof. Narayan Rangaraj jointly with Prof. Youssef Boulaksil

Academic Background 

1) M.Tech in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2019-2021), IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
2) B.Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering, Jessore University of Science & Technology, Jessore, Bangladesh (CGPA: 3.38/4, Class position: 7 out of 41)

Research Interests 

Supply chain and logistics

Publications: (Refereed)

1) Kapuria, T. K., Rahman, M., and Doss, D. A. (2020) “Users’ Satisfaction Attributes Analysis toward Betterment of Classroom Furniture Design for Bangladeshi University Students,” Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Series C, 101(1), 175-184. (Undergraduate Thesis)

2) Kapuria T.K., and Karmaker C.L. (2018) “Customer Driven Quality Improvement Of Jute Yarn Using AHP Based QFD: A Case Study,” International Journal for Quality Research, 12(1), 63–80.

3) Kapuria, T. K., and Rahman, M. (2018) “Quality Improvement of T-shirt using fuzzy QFD: a case study,” International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, 11(4), 393-414.

4) Tahiduzzaman Md., Rahman M., Dey S.K., and Kapuria T.K. (2018) “Minimization of Sewing Defects of an Apparel Industry in Bangladesh with 5S & PDCA,” American Journal of Industrial Engineering, 5(1), 17-24.

5) Kapuria T.K., Rahman M., and Haldar S. (2017) “Root Cause Analysis and Productivity Improvement of an Apparel Industry in Bangladesh through Kaizen Implementation,” J. Appl. Res. Ind. Eng., 4(4), 227–239.

Manuscript Under Review

1) Kapuria T.K., Kumar, A., Behl, A, Nadeem, S. P., Doss Daniel A and Karmaker C.L. (2020) “Direct Purchasing and Supply Management Decision Framework for the Grocery Supply Chain with Fixed Producers: When Quality is an issue.” Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management

Manuscripts Under Preparation

1) Kapuria T.K., Rangaraj, N., and Boulaksil, Y. (2020) “Revenue Management for Perishable Products in a Retail Supply Chain.” (Master’s Thesis Ongoing)

2) Kapuria T.K. (2020) “A DEA Based Classification approach for Purchasing Sustainability Assessment.” (Master's Seminar)

3) Kapuria T.K. (2020) “Sustainable E-commerce Supply Chain Drivers for Operational Viability: A Delphi Based Study.”

4) Kapuria T.K. (2020) “Emergency Demand & Delivery Responsive PPE Supply Chain In response to COVID-19 Pandemic.”


1) Kapuria T.K. and Kumar A.V. IE 683 Course project. IIT Bombay.                                    (Aug 2020 – Nov 2020)
Project title: Stock market profit maximization concerning Covid-19 pandemic.
Advisor: Nandyala Hemachandra

2) Kapuria T.K. IE 615 Course project. IIT Bombay.                                                              (Aug 2019 – Nov 2019)
Project title: Parameter estimation and forecasting of supermarket and grocery stores sales data using exponential smoothing techniques.
Advisor: Nandyala Hemachandra

3) Kapuria T.K, Kamruzzaman S., Hossain F., Ridwan R., and Ahmed R.                            (Jan 2015 – July 2015)
Third-year Academic Project, Jessore University of Science and Technology, Jessore, Bangladesh
Project title: Developing Industrial Robotic Arm for Simple Loading & Unloading Operation.
Advisor: SK Biswas

Journal Reviewer

1) Supply Chain forum: An International Journal (Taylor & Francis)

2) Internation Journal for Quality Research (IJQR)

Training & Experience

1) Industrial training on Garment Technology & Lean Manufacturing in Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), Dhaka, Bangladesh from April 1 to April 30, 2017.

2) Industrial attachment in Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (BITAC), Dhaka, Bangladesh from Dec 1 to Dec 30, 2016.

3) Research intern at R&D Team in Amir Shirts Ltd, Comilla, Bangladesh from October 2018 to December 2018 working on waste management and lean implementation for finishing section.


1) Indian Council for Cultural Relationships (ICCR) scholarship from July 19, 2019, to June 30, 2021.

2) Merit order scholarship from Nasir Group because of excellent performance in SSC.

3) Merit order scholarship from Kushtia District Council, Bangladesh because of excellent performance in SSC. 

Leadership & Service

1) Head of Publicity Team, SHALA2020 (Online course on Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning by Prof. Amit Sethi & his team during the COVID19 lockdown in India) - Managed a 15 membered team for the promotion of “SHALA2020.”

2) International Student Representative for Food & Mess Issues (March 2020 – August 2020)
IIT Bombay, India

Other Interests

Freelancing, Writing on technical things, Video sharing on Youtube, and visiting new places.


Email Id: sabita.kapuria [AT]

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