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Health care applications

Faculty collaborator in this area is Prof Santosh Noronha from Chemical Engineering (and also the Tata Centre) at IIT Bombay.

An area that we have tried to contribute to is in Kidney Exchange Mechanisms of different kinds, to facilitate transplants between eligible donors and recipients.   Current work in this area is through the doctoral work of student Utkarsh Verma. This work is part of an ongoing collaboration with Dr Viswanath Billa and Dr Deepa Usulumarty from Apex Kidney Care, representing a group of nephrologists in Mumbai who are doing very interesting work in this area. 

A workshop on this topic was organized at IIT Bombay on 15 January, attended by many nephrologists, health sector administrators and academics.  Some more details are here.

Aspects of decision making in health care are being explored through the doctoral work of Manoj Kumar.

A short description of a dialysis management system during the Covid-19 pandemic is here, describing the effort as of August 2020.  It was published in the newsletter of the German OR society.