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Meenarli Sharma

Working at the Chair of Discrete Mathematics, Optimization, and Operations Research at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Augsburg since March 01, 2021.

Research Scholar (2013 - 2021)
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan

Thesis statement
Advances in algorithms for convex mixed-integer nonlinear optimization

Research Interests
Mixed-integer linear programming, nonlinear optimization, convex optimization, large-scale optimization, machine learning, actively developing the MINOTAUR project


Sharma M. and Mahajan A., "Automatic Reformulations for Convex Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization:  Perspective and Separability", (accepted in SEA 2022 - 20th Symposium on Experimental Algorithms, pdf)

K. P. Anoop and Sharma M., "Solving a Multiproduct, Multiperiod, Multimodal Freight Transportation Problem Using Integer Programming", submitted.

Sharma M., Palkar P., and Mahajan A., "Linearization and Parallelization schemes for Convex Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming", Computational Optimization and Applications, 2022 (pdf)

Sharma M., Hahn M., Leyffer S., Ruthotto L., and van Bloemen Waanders B., "Inversion of Convection-Diffusion Equation with Discrete Sources", Optimization and Engineering, 2020 (pdf).

Short-term visits

Summer school on "Large scale and PDE constrained optimization" and "Optimization and Machine Learning," at Technical University Berlin, Germany, from Aug 3-4, 2019.

Summer visit as a research aide on "Inversion of convection-diffusion equation with discrete sources," with Dr. Sven Leyffer, MCS, Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA from April, 23 till August 03, 2018.

Summer visit as a research aide on "Mixed-integer Partial Differential Equation constrained optimization (MIPDECO)," with Dr. Sven Leyffer, MCS, Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA from March, 27 to July 14, 2017.

"Workshop on Mixed-Integer PDE-Constrained Optimization (MIPDECO)", The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, Durham, NC, USA, March 29 - 31, 2017.


"Linearization Schemes for LP/NLP Based Branch and Bound Algorithm for Convex MINLPs", 52nd Annual Convention of ORSI & International Conference, IIM Ahmedabad, India, December 15, 2019.

"Inversion of Convection-Diffusion PDE with DiscreteSources," Sixth International Conference on Continuous Optimization (ICCOPT) 2019, Berlin, Germany, August 03 – 08, 2019.

"Practical Enhancements for the LP/NLP Algorithm for Convex MINLPs," 3rd International Conference and Summer School on Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms (NUMTA) 2019, Calabria, Italy, June 15 – 21, 2019.

Inversion of convection-diffusion equation with discrete sources. In LANS Summer Argonne Student
Symposium (SASSy) Part II, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, USA, August 08, 2018

"Inversion of Convection-Diffusion PDE with Discrete Source: Mixed Integer PDE Constrained Optimization, 23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming 2018, Bordeaux, France, July 01 – 06, 2018.

"Automatic reformulation techniques for mixed-integer nonlinear programs," 2018 Mixed Integer Programming Workshop, Greenville, SC, USA, June 18 – 21, 2018. pdf

"MINOTAUR: Mixed integer nonlinear optimization toolkit - algorithms, underestimators,  relaxations.," OPTSUM 2017, Mumbai, India, September 14, 2017."Automatic reformulations of convex mixed-integer nonlinear programs," ORSI-2016, New Delhi, India, 12th Dec 2016.

"MILP formulations for a ship routing and scheduling problem in port operations of a refinery.," XIX
Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations Management, December 11-13, 2015.


Spring School on "MINLPs and Bilevel Problems," Trier University - Department of Mathematics, Germany, June 22-23, 2021. (Virtual)

Second International UG Workshop 2021 on "Parallel Algorithms in Tree Search and Mathematical Optimization," Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany, October 1, 2021. (Virtual)

Conducted a pre-conference workshop on “Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization Problems with MINOTAUR” jointly with Prashant Palkar, Mustafa Vora, and Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan in 52nd Annual Convention of ORSI & International Conference, IIM Ahmedabad, India, December 15, 2019.

Conducted a pre-conference workshop on “Mixed-integer nonlinear optimization using MINOTAUR” in with Prashant Palkar and Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan in the 51st Annual Convention of ORSI & International Conference, IIT Bombay, India, December 16, 2018.

Teaching Assistantship

Naval Operations Analysis CEP course, IEOR, Jan - May 2019

Modeling and Computation Lab (with Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan), 2013

Optimization Techniques (with Prof. N. Hemachandra), 2015

Nonlinear Programming Algorithms (AIS Optimization with Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan), 2016

Optimization: Applications, Algorithms, and Computation (GIAN course with Dr. Sven Leyffer), 2016

Professional Experience
Worked on data analysis and optimization modeling in Kairoleaf Analytics Pvt. Ltd., Steelwedge Software, Tata Consultancy Services, and Tata Steel Ltd. (2010-2013)

Other Interests
Multiple sports (both indoors and outdoors), music, cooking

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